Before You Buy

Exquisite Material

1. Use only grade 0 and grade 1 titanium sponge to smelt titanium ingot.

2. Use only three-melting titanium ingot.

3. Only purchase raw material from top three suppliers in China.


Excellent Standard System

1. Owing enterprise standards, the average value is higher than the national standard and American Standard.

2. Owing material testing laboratoriy, doing microstructure, mechanical properties and other projects by ourselves.

3. Each batch of products got China's leading non-ferrous metal materials testing laboratories provided authoritative report.


Good Reputation in Industry

1. Owing provincial and municipal "high-precision titanium and titanium alloy developed" project support.

2. Got several studies of titanium rod patents.

3. "TIINT" brand has a high level of awareness of medical titanium industry.

4. Cooperated with Chinses 90% of the medical device suppliers, and maintain long-term cooperation with part of them.


Medical Titanium Finish Technology

1. Master accurate grinding technology of Grade h9, h8, h7 of titanium rod.

2. The material has ultra-fine grinding surface, screening products with bright flawless surface.

3. Excellent mechanical properties, high strength and high frequencies through the fatigue test.

4. Providing titanium refining surface, excellent flatness, parallelism and squareness.

5. Depending on your needs, providing high strength material aimed at Kirschner.

6. Providing primary processing material, like profiles and hollow rods, etc., for you to reduce the burden of processing.


Commercial Titanium Bulk Sales

1. The common specifications of Industrial Grade titanium and titanium bar stock.

2. Ultra-low-cost service.

3. The rapid delivery service.


Customer Care

1. Common medical titanium rod and sheet in stock, providing fast delivery service.

2. Providing fine packaging to protect products in transit.


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